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Company Profile

Guangzhou Ledio Equipments Co., Ltd. has 12 years of sales and technical experience. We have cooperated with a number of professional advertising equipment manufacturers to jointly build a marketing platform. So far we have established proxy agent systems in Algeria, Egypt, Iran, South Africa, India, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. Also in the Middle East and South America, we have a partner and a large number of customers. 

In the next few years, Guangzhou Ledio will continue to develop and sell more new products on the basis of origin, and try to bring China's advertising equipment into the international market. Our products are widely used in the following industries, such as Woodworking, Advertising, Art making, Model, Electrics, CAD/CAM Industry Model, Clothing, Package Printing, Marking, and Laser Sealing. Our company pursues efficiency by management, survival by quality, and development by reputation, and actively improves the quality and values of products, adhering to the customer-centric and win-win business philosophy. Adhering to the design principle of "professional and practical products, the pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement and dedication", we provide customers in various industries with inexpensive high-quality products and perfect system services, and actively develop domestic and international markets.In view of operations in the past 12 years, we have accumulated professional technology and excellent reputation. We are convinced that quality is life, and profession is more important than anything else.

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