1325 ATC type cnc router machine

1325 ATC type cnc router machine

 Large machine is suitable for diversified complex product processing or various processing. It has extensive milling, hollowing, chamfering, engraving, slotting, punching, cutting, automatic switching, cutting, etc., automatic tool change, automatic suction Dust, automatic positioning, automatic oiling

ATC CNC machine, intelligent control system, automatic selection and replacement of tools according to different processes required for processing,

Automatically change spindle speed, machine running speed, feed rate and tool trajectory to the workpiece and other auxiliary functions.

The machining of each step of the workpiece is completed in turn, and the tool magazine can be equipped with multiple tools to process complex process products, which makes the production process more efficient.

Great improvement.

The machining center is suitable for the processing of products that are more complicated, require higher precision, and require frequent tool changes during processing produce.

Safety and intelligence, with intelligent processing and cross-border protection to prevent mechanical collisions caused by the design layout exceeding the processing width. With the functions of breakpoint power cut-off, power failure recovery, processing time prediction, etc., the real humanized design and perfect oil lubrication system greatly extend the service life of the machine.

The vacuum adsorption is powerful and powerful, which can perfectly realize the special-shaped cutting, small-piece cutting, the minimum cutting plate can reach 25mm, and the special addition plate function can be realized, which is simple and convenient to solve the problem of patching.

The effect of vacuuming is good–the dust of the cutting machine is small, and the dust of the cutting machine can absorb 95% of the dust and improve the working environment.

Eliminate work-related injuries and separate human-machine separation. No manual intervention is required during the cutting process to minimize work-related injuries.

Machine control interface design Humanized operation is simple and easy to learn fool operation, all calculated as computer calculation, zero error, zero failure rate. The operation is simple, any small worker can be directly employed after 3-5 hours of training by the manufacturer. The machine moves quickly and efficiently, helping you achieve a leap in productivity.

Handheld fiber laser welding machine viedeo
Machine parameter

Automatic machine standard configuration schedule

Machine dimensions


Table size


Working area


Empty speed


Working speed


Working voltage


Spindle motor power

9kw air cooling spindle with china CC brand

Machine body flame

De-stressing and finishing milling, one-time forming processing, four-way anti-interference independent cabinet structure, high precision, small deformation

Driver and motor

XYZ:  Taiwan Servo Motors & Drivers(Z axis with the brake)

Rack and pinion

Xinyue alloy hard-toothed helical rack + alloy hard-toothed helical gear

Rail screw

Taiwan silver original rail + Taiwan TBI original 2510 screw

Control system

Shenzhen Shanlong control system


High precision automatic positioning cylinder

Machine table  Architecture

Vacuum adsorption of a large area with a patch

Electrical accessories

Omron, Chint


GANGTOOL 12 pieces drilling bit automatic change cutter(with servo motor)

Frequency converter

Taiwan Fuling 11kw high precision inverter

Power cable

Shanghai custom high-soft high-speed shielding cable, anti-interference and anti-breakage

Pushing mechanism

Floating automatic pushing mechanism with secondary dust removal

Lubrication system

Oil pump centralized lubrication control

Security system

Overtravel protection / limit limit / safety shield / / electrical protection, etc.

Vacuum system

UPVC Vacuum line + wire vacuum hose

Vacuum system

Automatic vacuuming cover + high power vacuum cleaner

Tool sensor

Automatic tool setting precision tool setting instrument


The transmission parts are fixed by high-strength 12.9 screws, and the sheet metal is fixed by 304 stainless steel screws.

Precision guarantee

Each shaft is rigidly fixed, and the precision parts are attached and cut.


Incoming material, process, delivery full name control, 24-hour inspection experiment

Random Accessories


7.5KW high quality ductile iron water vacuum pump

1 set



Toolbox (with wrench)




Spring collet (ER32 diameter 12.7mm)








Countertop vacuum plug

9 piece



5.5KW double bags dust collector 

1 set



Machine detail show

SUP23T Welding gun(Option)

SUP21T Welding gun(standard)

MAX fiber laser power source(option)

EVERFOTON fiber laser power source (option)

Wire feeder

Water chiller

Combined with mechanical principle Reinforcement at the main force position Can withstand the processing of various plates. Exclusive research and development of special bed processing methods and processes to ensure the parallelism of the track and rack surface, and the parallelism between the gantry and the bed is controlled within 0.02mm.

Manual punching avoids the problem that the vertical hole of the threaded hole is not up to standard after the hole is not cleaned by the machine tool hole, ensuring the verticality of the threaded hole and the high-precision machine adopts the secondary assembly process, in which the first assembly determines the mechanical precision, twice The assembly enters the quality inspection process. The bed is aging-treated as a whole, and the cast iron parts are all quenched and reinforced.

Taiwan’s new generation machine control system: CNC system of well-known brands at home and abroad, fast data processing, stable operation, convenient operation, simple and fast, easy to learn and use, powerful, ensuring equipment processing accuracy, running speed and safety visibility. One machine control system, with breakpoint, power-off and continuous engraving function, with automatic error correction function of homing, effectively guarantees processing accuracy in all-weather work, supports U disk operation, eliminates computer virus interference, and has high reliability and high The characteristics of efficiency, at the same time easy to learn, intelligent processing cross-border protection function, prevent mechanical collision phenomenon caused by the design layout exceeding the processing range; intelligent processing speed control, can control the processing speed, truly improve the processing efficiency, extend the tool life and improve the yield. Strong compatibility, suitable for a variety of CNC software: cutting software, door panel software type3, Artcam, Castmate, Pore, Wentai, various CAD / CAM software.


Taiwan high-precision square linear guides have high precision, long service life, large contact surface, strong load carrying capacity, and the use of vertical rail technology can better ensure the stability of operation.

The material of the square rail is made of bearing steel. The quality, wear resistance and hardness are far greater than the square rail of most 45 steel materials on the market.

The whole machine electronic components adopt genuine Zhengtai electronic components. The electrical design of the whole machine conforms to the EU CE standard, strong impact resistance, anti-interference, moisture, dust and stability. It ensures long-term stable processing and operation of the equipment. Flexible anti-bending cable and equipped with advanced circuit protection, overload fault alarm and other interactive protection measures, the wiring is neat and clear, and the safety of the equipment is improved.

The Z-axis uses a double-nut ball screw made in Taiwan with high precision and precise undercut. Haiyang Changchuan 9KW automatic tool change air-cooled spindle, 24000RPM/min rotating speed, fast vibration, low noise, high cutting force, high precision, high-power cutting not only makes the engraving fine without serration, the bottom surface is smooth and clear and clear.

Taiwan Delta’s high-power pure servo drive motor has high torque, high precision and fast speed, ensuring the processing speed and stability of the equipment.

The Z-axis adopts a brake motor, which can protect the machine head from slipping after power failure, and maximize the safety performance of the equipment.

The core part of the vacuum pump body is made of ductile iron. The casting has higher strength, better toughness and plasticity than ordinary cast iron, which greatly improves the adsorption capacity of the vacuum pump by 2-3 times than that of the ordinary cast iron vacuum pump, further ensuring the adsorption and durability of the equipment. Greatly reduce the failure rate of equipment use!

The cross-wall 10mm square tube of Ledio CNC cutting machine is finished by aging and tempering after finishing aging and tempering. The accuracy of track and rack surface is less than 0.05mm. The overall load of the beam is strong, and the tempering treatment ensures The deformation of the beam is not in the late stage to further ensure the machining accuracy of the equipment.

The unique adsorption process table top has no dead angle on the adsorption table surface, and the small plate is as strong as the adsorption. The special addition plate function is added, and the small material plate is simple and convenient to not run.

Positioning the cylinder flap positioning more accurately eliminates the troublesome intelligent positioning of the manual fixed point, saving time and effort

Sai carving CNC cutting machine series equipment positioning cylinders are self-milling positioning cylinder holes after the completion of the whole equipment precision inspection and debugging, to ensure the secondary positioning accuracy of the front and back processing, the cylinder and the table are tightly assembled together, the stability is better, repeated After repeated manual feeding, the accuracy remains unchanged.

The machine comes with a pusher system, and the machine automatically pushes the material after the work is completed. At the same time, the dust is opened to automatically suck the dust on the table surface, eliminating the trouble of manually cleaning the table! It saves time and effort and is convenient to take materials after processing.

All the cutting equipment series produced by Lidiao NC are equipped with screw and deceleration system positioning fine adjustment device to avoid the hidden trouble of the screw loosening of the screw seat reducer system after the equipment is running for a long time, thus improving the service life and safety of the equipment. Index to ensure the machining accuracy of the machine.

Automatic tool setting is convenient and flexible

Intelligent CNC equipment, only for easier operation

Electronic oil can

Automatic oiling,

Automatic lubrication rail

Better maintenance for better use

Electronic oil pot makes maintenance more worry-free

Equipped with 5.5KW high-power vacuum cleaner, the dust-absorbing effect is good, and the secondary vacuuming of the push material is clean and in place, no need to manually clean the countertop.


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Furniture: wooden doors, cabinets, panels, office, solid wood furniture, tables, chairs, doors and windows.

★ Wood products: speakers , game cabinets, computer desks, sewing machines, musical instruments.

★ Sheet metal processing: Insulating parts, plasticized parts: PCB; inner body of sports car, bowling track, stairs: anti-double board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon mixtures.

★Decoration industry: milling , cutting of soft metal plates such as acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, plexiglass , plastic, and copper and aluminum