1328 ATC type cnc router machine

1328 ATC type cnc router machine

ATC CNC machine, intelligent control system, automatic selection and replacement of tools according to different processes required for processing,

Automatically change spindle speed, machine running speed, feed rate and tool trajectory to the workpiece and other auxiliary functions.

The machining of each step of the workpiece is completed in turn, and the tool magazine can be equipped with multiple tools to process complex process products, which makes the production process more efficient.

Great improvement.

Handheld fiber laser welding machine viedeo
Machine parameter

Working area(XYZ)


Spindle motor

9kw China brand automatic change cutter type


FULING brand 11kw

Spindle speed


Tool storage capacity

Row type tool change 12pieces

Running speed

Max 50m/min

Cutting speed

Max 18m/min(depend on material)

Control system

Taiwan SYNTEC control system

Motor and driver

China leadshine servo motor and driver  

Liner guide

Taiwan 25(x and z axis)30(y axis) liner guide.TBI2510 ball screw


Imported Japan SHIMPO 8 ratio hard tooth helical tooth surface high precision reducer

Positioning Way

3+2 high-precision positioning cylinder

Electrical components

Siemens/Schneider electrical components

Dust prevention and lubrication

Professional dustproof steel belt and automatic timed lubrication system for guide rails

Machine table

Vacuum table

Vacuum pump

7.5kw vacuum pump( Oil-free rotary vane pump)

Dust collector

3kw double bags dust collector

lubrication pump

Fully automatic

Working voltage

AC380v 3P /60HZ 60A

Machine outside dimension


Net weight


Wooden package size



Machine detail show

SUP23T Welding gun(Option)

SUP21T Welding gun(standard)

MAX fiber laser power source(option)

EVERFOTON fiber laser power source (option)

Wire feeder

Water chiller

heavy bed

Thick-walled square tube is welded and processed by annealing stress relief-sandblasting-high-precision CNC five-axis gantry milling for one-time processing molding-primer-finish paint, etc. The structure is stable, beautiful, and high precision.

Row type tool change 12pieces ,tool change time can be saved

High-power tool change spindle, faster tool change, more efficient cutting process

Pure AC servo motor, high torque servo motor, large torque, fast speed, high precision, stable operation

Industrial-grade control system, Taiwan Syntec high-performance control system, more accurate signal coding feedback, fast data processing speed, high system stability, and easy operation of the intelligent system

Imported linear guide

Adopts Taiwan 30 square rail, and the gear rack adopts 1.5M high-precision helical teeth

Low noise, good wear resistance, strong weighing capacity, small clearance between slider and guide rail

High-quality split towline, which not only improves the life of wires and bundles, but also is uniform

The central dust collection system adopts multi-control single-point structure and high-stretch PVC hose, which has good dust collection effect and no dust during processing.

Vacuum adsorption platform, super large and ultra-wide working platform, vacuum adsorption, to ensure accurate cutting

Positioning the cylinder flap positioning more accurately eliminates the troublesome intelligent positioning of the manual fixed point, saving time and effort

Electronic oil can

Automatic oiling,

Automatic lubrication rail

Better maintenance for better use

Electronic oil pot makes maintenance more worry-free

Equipped with 5.5KW high-power vacuum cleaner, the dust-absorbing effect is good, and the secondary vacuuming of the push material is clean and in place, no need to manually clean the countertop


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Furniture: wooden doors, cabinets, panels, office, solid wood furniture, tables, chairs, doors and windows.

★ Wood products: speakers , game cabinets, computer desks, sewing machines, musical instruments.

★ Sheet metal processing: Insulating parts, plasticized parts: PCB; inner body of sports car, bowling track, stairs: anti-double board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon mixtures.

★Decoration industry: milling , cutting of soft metal plates such as acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, plexiglass , plastic, and copper and aluminum