5 axis cnc router machine

5 axis cnc router machine

  1. The whole machine adopts high-quality steel structure seamless welding, and the assembly contact surfaces are treated with scraping and grinding technology. The whole machine is subjected to high-temperature aging treatment, and the column and support plate structural components are made of industrial aluminum casting technology, with lightweight design to ensure high-speed motion rigidity.
  2. Italian 12KW five axis head, air-cooled automatic tool change, equipped with 8 arranged tool libraries. Different tools can be processed step by step, and can be used for cutting and punching. The processing efficiency is higher and the operation is stable, which can fully leverage the advantages of this machine’s high speed.
  • High performance frequency converter, high-frequency electronic anti-interference system, genuine Schneider electrical components, European standard design, reasonable control and energy-saving.
  • The Yaskawa Bus absolute value servo drive system imported from Japan has high torque and fast speed. The reducer structure adopts the high-precision reducer of Japan Mingyou, which is far more rigid, torque, accuracy, and speed than the shaft output reducer structure.
  • Adopting Taiwan’s new generation five axis control system, it has good compatibility and can be compatible with various CAD/CAM design and production software such as type3/Artcam/Casrmate/Wentai. It can control the completion of multi-level 3D processing, and can perform fast and smooth 3D processing, carving, and cutting.
  • The Y-axis adopts imported 30mm square linear guide rails, while the XZ axis adopts imported 25mm square linear guide rails with double rows and four rows of ball sliders, which have high load-bearing capacity and smooth operation, fully ensuring machining accuracy and wear resistance. The gear and rack adopt a 6-level precision European standard, with rack grinding level.
  • Original Taiwan TBI imported grinding ball screw with high precision and precise cutting.
  • The entire machine’s drag chain cable adopts a high flexibility shielded machine cable, arranged in separate lines, with no dead corners during high-speed movement, and the high-strength drag chain ensures its service life.
  • Standard configuration with direct plug connection and soft metal cable sheath. Avoid cable damage caused by pressure and collision.
  • Handheld fiber laser welding machine viedeo
    Machine parameter


    2513-5 axis

    Working area


    A C axis

    A axis 120 degree; C axis 210 degree

    X/Y axis repeated positioning accuracy


    Spindle speed

    6000-24000 rpm/min

    Maximum airspeed


    Cooling way

    Air cooling

    Working voltage

    380v 3P 50HZ

    Control system

    Taiwan 5 axis Syntec control system

    Spindle motor

    Italy HSD 9KW 5 AXIS with DEMAS 5AXIS Head

    Motor and driver

    Japan Yaskawa servo motor and driver (1300w)


    Taiwan Delta VFD

    Liner guide

    Taiwan Hiwin liner guide


    Taiwan TBI


    Aluminum table

    Electrical components

    Schneider, France

    pneumatic components


    Rack and pinion

    Taiwan helical gear rack and pinion drive

    Fuel supply method

    Automatic oiling

    Five axis five linkage with RTCP function (true five axis interpolation) suitable for surface machining of three-dimensional modeling


    8 piece ATC


    Machine detail show

    Cooling system


    Japan SHIMPO reducer

    Ball screw with nut

    Dust collector

    Limited sensor

    Wired hand wheel

    Spindle motor


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    exchange table delivery fine and high quality metal cuts

    Mold industry: casting, automotive, ceramic bathroom and sanitary ware, ships, yachts, aerospace and chemical industry, wind power generation, rail transit, handicrafts.

    Three dimensional component processing industry: fiberglass edge trimming, resin component processing, and other solid carbide component three-dimensional processing.

    Furniture and other products that require three-dimensional processing, such as chairs, in the teaching and experimental industry.