Enclosed Fiber laser cutting machine

Enclosed Fiber laser cutting machine

This machine is equipped with high-precision rack and guide rail transmission mechanical structure. Through the advanced numerical control system, the precision numerical control optical fiber laser cutting machine is a high-tech product integrating laser cutting machine, precision machinery, numerical control technology, etc. 

The exchange platform plate laser cutting machine adopts dual worktables for simultaneous exchange, which is fast in exchange and convenient for loading and unloading.The plate cutting and loading and unloading can be carried out at the same time, saving loading and unloading time The machine has good dynamic performance, can achieve high cutting efficiency, and is equipped with a professional CNC system, which is powerful, user-friendly and easy to understand It is mainly used for cutting and forming of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, spring steel, galvanized sheet, copper sheet, aluminum sheet and other metal plates, and is the first choice for processing metal materials.

Handheld fiber laser welding machine viedeo
Machine parameter

Fiber laser source


Fiber laser source power


Precision water chiller


Fiber laser cutting head


Machine bed, aging treatment


X、Y axis gear and rack


Square liner guide


Driver and motor

Japan Fuji


Japan Shimpo

Control system(including software)

CYPCUT Control System


Machine detail show

SUP23T Welding gun(Option)

SUP21T Welding gun(standard)

MAX fiber laser power source(option)

EVERFOTON fiber laser power source (option)

Wire feeder

Water chiller

High precision bed


High quality square tube welding and three pass welding process are adopted, which are sturdy and durable. The structural materials are annealed at high temperature to eliminate internal stress, so that the machine bed can maintain good mechanical properties such as tensile strength, toughness, hardness and deformation resistance.

Enclosed structure


Fully enclosed design, internal filtering treatment of smoke and dust generated by cutting, can effectively reduce the damage of laser to human eyes.

High precision beam


It is manufactured according to aerospace standards and has the strongest hardness of all
beams after aging treatment. It has good toughness, good rigidity and high precision.

Driver system


High precision servo motor, high-precision reducer, high-precision guide rail and rack are

used to ensure the high speed and acceleration of the whole mac

Special laser head


Professional laser cutting head, stable and reliable technology, completely sealed inside

the laser head, can avoid dust pollution to the optical part. The protective lens is installed in a drawer, which is convenient
for replacement.

Fiber Laser Source


Standard version equipped with MAX brand fiber laser source which is famous in china and has stable function. Options for IPG ,


Control System


This is one of the best Cypcut Intelligent CNC system. It always performances stably and rapidly with high precision. Support
general graphic format such as DXF PLT……and so on.

Taiwan Hinwin Liner Guide


High precision mechanical guide rail from
Taiwan, 35 mm width, ensure the high precision of the machine.



Made in Japan, Shimpo reducer, high quality guarantee, long life .Japanese huality.

Water Chiller


Super power chiller from S&A.Confirm the cooling of the machine in the long working process, fully cooling the machine, to ensure
good performance .


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