LD-3015A Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1500W

LD-3015A Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1500W

  1. The bed is welded with high-strength standard pipes, which has the advantages of high precision, long service life, beautiful appearance, and compact structure.
  2. The gantry is welded with high-strength manganese steel as a whole, and after aging treatment, it ensures the overall rigidity, strength, stability, and seismic resistance.
  3. The electrical components and servo drivers adopt first tier brands such asRaytool, Cypcut, Fuji, SMC, etc. to ensure the stability, reliability, and sensitivity of the entire machine during operation.
  1. It adopts the Windows operating system and is equipped with a fiber optic dedicated CNC system – the cypcutsystem, which is powerful, user-friendly, and easy to understand. The industrial control computer can be equipped with CAD/CAM, making it convenient for drawing and programming in production, while minimizing raw material savings.


Handheld fiber laser welding machine viedeo
Machine parameter



Laser type

Fiber laser

Laser working medium


Laser wavelength

1060-1080 nm

Laser power


Working area


Maximum acceleration


positioning accuracy




Transmission way

Screw drive/rack drive

Cutting thickness

According to laser power

Control system

CYPCUT or Raytool control system

Aiming and positioning

Red light

Cooling way

Water cooling

Working voltage

380V 3P 50-60Hz


Machine detail show

SUP23T Welding gun(Option)

SUP21T Welding gun(standard)

MAX fiber laser power source(option)

EVERFOTON fiber laser power source (option)

Wire feeder

Water chiller

The bed body is welded with high-strength standard pipes, which are subjected to rough processing after annealing to eliminate internal stress. After secondary vibration aging treatment, it is finely processed, effectively solving the stress caused by welding and processing, thereby greatly improving the stability of the machine tool.

Y and Z axisuse imported Fuji servo motors from Japan

The high-precision linear guide rail and precision screw transmission mechanisms of Taiwan HIWIN effectively ensure the accuracy of transmission.

S&A Water Chiller

Super power chiller from S&A.Confirm the cooling of the machine in the long working process, fully cooling the machine, to ensure good performance .

Cypcut professional intelligent control system with automatic nesting function, stable performance, fast operation, and support for multiple universal file formats, DXF, PLT A simple and fast operating system that can import multiple types of cutting graphics with one click, providing accurate cutting instructions

Max brand fiber laser power source with stable performance


High quality assurance and long service life

Shanghai Raytool Fiber Cutting Head High Quality Focused Laser Cutting Head, Suitable for Various Power Ranges

Adopting S&A dual temperature and dual control water chillers; Capable of cooling both the laser and the laser head simultaneously

Schneider Electric

Schneider electrical components, a top brand, ensure the normal power supply system of the machine and have the function of protecting the circuit


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  1. Suitable for cutting space: 2D plane cutting;
  2. Cutting materials: all metal materials such as high carbon steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, pickled plate, galvanized plate, silicon steel plate, electrolytic plate, titanium alloy, manganese alloy, nickel plate, etc.
sheet metal processing, rail transit, shipbuilding, automobiles, engineering machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, electrical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household appliances, grain machinery, textile machinery, tool processing, petroleum machinery, food machinery, kitchen utensils and bathroom, decorative advertising, laser external processing services, and other mechanical manufacturing and processing industries;