LD-5060 ATC type metal mould type cnc router machine

LD-5060 ATC type metal mould type cnc router machine

  1. The machine is a fixed beam type, and the Y direction is the worktable movement. The weight of the whole machine is 1.8T.
  2. 2. It adopts two-stage split design, the whole frame of the frame and the bed is cast, the beam and the column are integrally cast in U shape, the structural parts are all made of HT350, after secondary tempering treatment, fine milling and fine grinding, which makes good progress for the machine tool. Performance provides a solid foundation for support, and the machine tool is extremely rigid; (see the natural aging)

This machine tool can also be applied to all kinds of metal mold processing, medical machinery industry, fixtures and other industries as well as precision processing of various 3C products.

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Machine parameter

Moving positioning accuracy


Repeat positioning accuracy


X/Y/Z axis working area


Z axis height


Spindle motor power

4.5kw-bt30 metal mould type water cooling spindle motor

Spindle motor speed


Free travel speed


Highest cutting feed rate


Driver and motor

AC Servo

Working voltage


Machine outlook size/weight



Machine detail show

Cooling system


Japan SHIMPO reducer

Ball screw with nut

Dust collector

Limited sensor

Wired hand wheel

Spindle motor


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