table type 4 axis cnc router machine

table type 4 axis cnc router machine

  1. Thickened high-quality steel pipes are scientifically seamless welded and undergo secondary vibration aging treatment.
  2. Adopting Italian original 9.0kw air-cooled spindle and original Italian knife handle.
  3. Imported Yaskawa servo bus control drive system from Japan.
  4. The new generation four axis linkage control system in Taiwan is compatible with various CAD/CAM design software.
  5. The standard configuration of the entire transmission components is an international quality grease lubrication system.
  1. Moving processing of fixed beam platform, X Y. The Z-axis adopts the original Taiwan TBI C3 precision ball screw transmission, and the machine tool can operate at a speed of up to 40 meters per minute.
  2. The Y-axis and X-axis use Taiwan Intime self-lubricating high-precision 30mm square linear guide rails, while the Z-axis uses Taiwan 25mm linear guide rails.
  3. Taiwan’s Delta high-performance frequency converter and China Singapore Military Industry’s high-frequency electronic anti-interference system.
  4. Heavy platform mobile work platform, T-slot fixture fixed working method.
  5. Standard original Taiwan designed bamboo hat style 8-piece disc knife magazine.
  6. French Schneider original electrical components with stable performance.
  7. The standard equipment is a 5.5KW Taiwan duty 250 cubic meter flow vacuum pump.
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Machine parameter



Working area

1300*2500*350mm (X*Y*Z)

positioning accuracy


Transmission way

X/Y/Z axis TBI C3 high precision ball screw

Liner guide

Taiwan PMI/HIWIN 30mm liner guide

Machine table

T-slot aluminum table  

Spindle motor

Italy 9KW air cooling wit ATC

Tool holder 

ISO 30

Spindle motor speed


Control system

Taiwan syntec 4 axis control system

Working speed


ATC tool holder

ATC 8 Pieces

Driver and motor

Japan yaskawa servo motor and driver

Working voltage 工作电压


positioning accuracy


Electrical components

Schneider, France

pneumatic components

Taiwan Yadeke Pneumatic Components

Vacuum pump



Machine detail show

Cooling system


Japan SHIMPO reducer

Ball screw with nut

Dust collector

Limited sensor

Wired hand wheel

Spindle motor


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