Tube Fiber Laser cutting machine

Tube Fiber Laser cutting machine

The LD-6016 fiber laser pipe cutting machine produced by our company adopts a 1500W fiber laser, equipped with high-precision rack and rail transmission mechanisms, and is a precision CNC fiber laser cutting machine assembled through advanced CNC systems; It is a high-tech product that integrates disciplines such as laser cutting, precision machinery, and CNC technology. The characteristics of this device are as follows:
1.The bed is welded with standard rectangular pipes to ensure welding accuracy, and has undergone heat treatment to ensure rigidity.
2.Both the front and rear are self centering pneumatic chucks, among which the front chucks use double row rollers, which have a more uniform clamping force compared to single row rollers, reducing the impact of pipe deformation and swing on cutting accuracy. Pneumatic clamping maintains the same air pressure after clamping, with a large and constant clamping force. The pipe is not loose or slipping, and the full stroke clamp does not require multiple adjustments.
3.The unique hosting device maintains contact with the surface of the pipe while feeding and rotating the pipe. The support force is set according to the pipe specifications to ensure effective support and improve processing accuracy.
4.High precision servo proportional valve, precise control of cutting auxiliary gas pressure and chuck clamping force to achieve the best cutting effect.
5.Adopting the cypcut FSCUT3000S CNC system based on Windows operating system, a dedicated platform for laser pipe cutting machine, integrated with a dedicated function module for laser cutting control, with powerful functions, good human-machine interface, and simple operation.
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Machine parameter



Fiber laser power

6000w MAX

Fiber laser cutting head

Raytool brand

Precision linear guide

HIWIN 25H grade

Precision gear and rack

YYC 2 modules

Motor and driver

Japan FUJI servo motor and driver(0.4kw*1+0.85kw*1+1.3kw*3)

Precision planetary reducer




Control system

Cypcut FSCUT3000S

Water chiller


Pneumatic components

Japan SMC(Including proportional valve, one-way valve, high-pressure solenoid valve)

Electrical components


Exhaust Fan

3kw Centrifugal fan


Machine detail show

SUP23T Welding gun(Option)

SUP21T Welding gun(standard)

MAX fiber laser power source(option)

EVERFOTON fiber laser power source (option)

Wire feeder

Water chiller

Machine body

In response to the requirements of high-speed movement, the main bed is welded with high-strength steel pipes, and undergoes two aging treatments to ensure the accuracy and stability of the bed’s long-term operation, with good rigidity.

Intelligent operating system

Cypcut professional intelligent control system uses EtherCat protocol communication, high-speed Ethernet connection, scanning cycle of 1ms, and strong real-time performance. Flexible topology structure, fast resource expansion (such as axes, IO, etc.), easy to debug, and easy to maintain.

Wireless handle control operation is simpler and more efficient

The operation is simple, and the machine can be remotely controlled for cutting, punching, moving, calibration, emergency stop, and other operations.

FUJI Servo Motor  

High power Fuji motor. originally from Japan, high quality servo motor, ensure the accuracy of the machine.

Fiber laser power

Using well-known domestic brand fiber lasers. MAX Laser is committed to providing high-performance, high-quality, and cost-effective fiber laser and device integration solutions and a professional and comprehensive service experience in the global laser field. At present, the company’s sales and service network covers multiple countries and regions such as Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania. It has six major product and service series, including pulse fiber laser series, continuous fiber laser series, quasi continuous fiber laser series, scientific research fiber laser series, semiconductor laser, and laser solutions, as well as pump sources, pump combiners, energy combiners, fiber gratings, laser output heads, isolators, etc Laser core optical components such as mode stripping device, acoustooptic modulator, and mode matching device. The product has been widely used in industries such as aerospace, 3D printing, automotive, petroleum, electronics, communication, photovoltaic, medical, etc.

Fiber laser cutting head

The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed to prevent contamination of the optical lens. The laser head adopts two-point centering adjustment, and the focusing mechanism is driven by a servo motor, which can significantly improve the perforation efficiency. The protective mirror structure adopts a drawer type, making replacement convenient and simple.

Segmented automatic support device

Intelligent pipe support design solves the deformation problem during long pipe cutting operation.


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Professional fiber laser pipe cutting machines have advantages such as high cutting accuracy, high efficiency, no burrs, and one-time forming, all of which are the reasons why fiber laser pipe cutting machines are perfect for cutting various pipes.

Such as automobiles, ships, hardware, machinery, electrical appliances, packaging, kitchenware, lighting, logo fonts, advertisements, key equipment, handicrafts, glasses, etc., medium and low power fiber laser pipe cutting machines are usually used for processing.